Custom Copper Tables by Scott Yocco

Earth’s bounty meets artistic ingenuity for custom copper furnishings that are unique in all the world. Making a statement that is at once luxurious and stunning, these extraordinary copper tables are sculpted in a proprietary process conceived by their creator, Scott Yocco. This is art as furniture: distinctive, intense, and designed to fill any gracious room with intrigue and individual style.

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Each Yocco table – coffee table, pub table, accent table, end table, or cocktail table – is painstakingly handcrafted over many hours of detailed care, and absolutely one-of-a-kind. Choose from among the copper tables presented within, or commission a piece of custom furniture that is singularly you from designer Scott Yocco.


Tarantella Coffee Table (50" x 32" x 18")


A coppery fire seems to burst from the center of this exquisite coffee table, calming into a blend of earth tones with just a touch of natural blue-green patina. Like the Italian dance that inspired it, the vibrant Tarantella coffee table is characterized by explosive changes in direction. Magnifico!


Bolzano Coffee Table (50" x 32" x 18")


The Bolzano coffee table calls upon the elements for its color. Old world shades of gold and bronze dominate this angular architectural form, which employs an uncomplicated design to draw the human eye. Its contemporary lines will compliment your modern décor, even as the piece is singled out for attention.


Mantua Accent Table (24" x 24" x 28")


Simple lines form a graceful pyre of copper, burnished with the most natural of all patinas. The moda bella Mantua accent table captures distinctive design and the fiery elements of earth in a single expression. Choose it for its guileless beauty, love it for the artful way it inhabits your home.


Ravenna Cocktail Table (42" x 18" x 42")


Starfire and exquisite design are on stunning display beneath the glass top of the unrivaled Ravenna cocktail table, guaranteed to conjure conversation among your guests. A complex finishing process makes this unique design a focal point, even in a roomful of treasures.


Sorrento Pub Table (36" x 42" x 36")


A frosty glass of your favorite beverage becomes a glorious adventure at the Sorrento pub table. Whether displayed on your sophisticated patio or in a lively Sorrentine piazza, this table beckons you to linger and adore. The natural patina evokes the blue-green romance of seascapes for a vacation at home.


Palermo Console Table (60" x 29" x 18")


Sideboard, buffet, or entry console, the Palermo console table sets the tone for any room. Elegant and opulent, its tranquil beauty and classic lines will make this your favorite heirloom piece. A beveled glass top provides graceful accent to the sculptural base. This, truly, is form and function at its finest.


Invitante Lamp (20" x 20" x 32.75")


People are ever drawn like moths to the Invitante copper table lamp, and thus it lives up to its elegant name by inviting you closer. This extraordinary table lamp echoes the style and structure of Yocco copper tables, and features three settings: Use low to set the mood, medium for everyday use, and high for a great read. Whether you choose the Aqua Verde shade or the Amber Orange, this striking elemental combination will quickly become a family favorite.


Cuore di Servi Pulpit (21.5" x 31.5" x 46")


Can we get an Amen? The celebrated Yocco detail work is on stunning display with The Cuore di Servi (Servant’s Heart) pulpit. Designed to complement the interior of a local church, this commissioned piece features a blend of bold and brilliant hues with a high gloss finish. It is a fine example of the meticulous craftsmanship and distinctive style that graces every Yocco table. Contact Scott Yocco today to discuss your own commissioned copper work, designed to fit your space and purpose with the perfect balance of art and functionality.


Copper Cross (22" x 15" x 2.5")
copper cross endorsed by USAWatchDog Greg Hunter

$289 $279 includes free shipping in the US

The symbol of eternal life, this Christian cross in beautiful custom copper will last as long as the gift it represents. Each cross is custom finished in a variety of stunning, timeless finishes. As seen on USA Watchdog! (minute 27:40)


The Javelin Lamp (50" x 32" x 18")


Like the ancient throwing spear so-named, the Javelin floor lamp reflects the ready strength of the Roman Hastati infantry in front-line tactical formation, poised for battle in your favorite space. As with all Yocco lamps, it features two light settings to capture any mood.


The Explosione (50" x 32" x 18")


In a detonation of brilliant color forged in fire, the Explosione floor lamp will leave no one unmoved. It features four bold lengths and an endless array of hues that make this daring piece impossible to ignore in any of two brightness settings, low to high.


Suo Dono (72” x 48”)


Three crosses on a hill, two bright, relieved of the burden of sin and brimming with the joy of eternal life, one dark and tearing away from the others, bound for a separate destiny. The Suo Dono—His Gift—commands rapt devotion of the faithful spirit.


Copper furniture artworks for the discerning buyer

Scott Yocco, copper table artist, sculptor

Italian Scott Yocco is a renaissance man whose designs are winning hearts among curators of fine furnishings. Scott has developed a method of extruding copper pipe that presents an entirely new design element in furniture. Yocco Custom Copper showcases the unique copper furniture he creates through his proprietary craftsmanship process.

Scott personally designs, fabricates, polishes, and signs every piece. The variety of finishes he offers is the result of diverse combinations of acid applications and setting times, giving each table an exceptional patina that combines earthy elegance with Italian flair.

This is art as furniture: Distinctive, intense, and designed to bring intrigue and elegance to any room. Scott’s visually stunning work—coffee tables, accent pieces, pub tables, and consoles—presents his art form in one-of-a-kind designs for people who demand style as individual as their own.

Choose from existing pieces, or talk to Scott about a custom design for your home or office.


  • "Thank you, Scott. This cross is a beautiful addition to our home."


  • "The work is stunning. Very unique pieces. One of a kind, nothing looks the same. Gorgeous!"



Are there size limitations to what you can build?

If it can fit in your house, I can build it! There may be some on-site assembly for really large, custom copper work, but if you can dream it, I can build your one of a kind vision.

How long does it take to make my custom copper table?

Every project I do is specific to my customer's desires. That said, most of my commissions are completed within 2-3 months.

Will you ship and install my table?

Sure! I will make sure your work of art arrives and is installed safely and securely.

How do I purchase one of these beautiful copper tables?

If you like something you see here on my website, just give me a call at 262-989-4004. If you'd like something else, call me anyway and we can discuss your ideas.

How do you make this stuff?

The Lord blessed me with a father that showed me how to work with my hands. He taught me carpentry skills and how to understand complex, compound angles. During the design and building process of each table, the idea of another table often comes to mind. But not all ideas are acceptable. I create intricate wood models of proposed table designs prior to committing its construction in copper. This allows a complete visualization of the structure, and enables important design alterations. Once the final construction of the copper table is complete, the acidic finishes are determined and applied. Each piece is totally unique and only available from me, Scott Yocco.


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